STEVE MOZENA will not be an overnight success if he wins this Mayoral election.
Councilwoman Gerri Schipske can talk all she wants about open and transparent government. Why hasn't she shown how she spends city money daily on her council website? All those years as a councilwoman and nothing. What will really change?
On the other hand, special interests have propped up Damon Dunn who is talking about 
open and honest government because it polls well. But will he do it? Obama said he would be open and transparent. Is Obama's administration open and honest? No. So, don't hold your breath regarding Dunn.
Neither Schipske nor Dunn have helped STEVE MOZENA since 1999 with his fiscal transparency campaign to get the government at all levels to post the finances to the web on daily basis in any way. There you have it, it's all political lip service.
STEVE MOZENA will implement fiscal transparency with his mayoral website first thing.  It won't be politics as usual with STEVE MOZENA. It's scares the Long Beach power elite and media.
STEVE MOZENA will show all the city's money daily on all the city websites, so the city will spend our money more effectively without taxing us more. Starting with the mayor's office! Steve has been trying to get the government more transparent since 1999. On this issue, STEVE MOZENA has an electronic and paper trail miles and miles long.
Over the years, STEVE MOZENA has had many letters to the editor published about his post the finances ideas. In fact, the Press Telegram endorsed his idea of posting the finances when STEVE MOZENA presented it before the Carson Council. An Illinois newspaper endorsed his idea on its editorial page back in 2005.
STEVE MOZENA has received many letters from politicians at all levels saying it’s a great idea, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, but not one politician has had the guts to implement it. STEVE MOZENA even met with state controller John Chiang, asking him to implement post the finances for the state lottery to see how the money gets spent on all our kids. Chiang said he was working on it and that was three years ago, do you really think he is?
It's time to make the government honest and accountable to us. See and the TV news story there about his "get naked banner" for fiscal transparency.
Schipske and Dunn are just politics are usual.

STEVE MOZENA means business. His track record spans more than 15 years, he will have open and transparent government. His paper and electronic trails and his passion speak volumes.
VOTE STEVE MOZENA for honest and accountable government.
Because as STEVE MOZENA says, the "Government works for us, we don't work for it."

After all, what politicians is bold enough to make all his fellow politicians naked and tell them to get buck naked like Steve did with his banner.

"I will
Long Beach
for YOU!"

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