Some of the Homeless Dino, Ralph, Brett and Greg who Steve Mozena enlisted to help beautify Venice Beach for the locals and tourists.

City restroom using household toilet paper dispenser for public restroom, consistently out of toilet paper for public, causing local merchants to give tourists napkins for toiletry needs.

Homeless couple helped Steve Mozena clean up Venice by re-painting worn out and rusted slides and swing sets. Steve Mozena asked the County to replace the recreational items for the  summer of 2001.

Steve Mozena had City of Los Angeles install industrial toilet paper dispenser with 5000 sheet roll. Now, the city just needs to clean the restrooms.
Mr. Mozena paid the city nearly $300.00 for grass seed. City was supposed to plant all of the grass seed and help it grow. City didn't fulfill its obligation. Most of it died. Mr. Mozena asked both Rec. and Park President Steve Soboroff and City James Hahn, mayoral candidates, for a refund. They said no. Mr. Mozena sued in small claims court and won money back. Actual Envelope and copy of City Check paying Mr. Mozena for the Mr. Soboroff's lousy job. For their lack of compassion and follow through, Mr. Mozena decided to join the mayoral race as a candidate. Mr. Mozena will be more sensitive to neighborhoods' needs.
Here is an example of a portion of the lousy seeding job the City of L.A.'s Rec. and Park President Mr. Soboroff subjected Steve Mozena, his neighbors, and his Venice neighborhood to along with other lack of maintenance issues during the past several years. The community is happy Mr. Soboroff resigned his post. Steve Mozena sued Soboroff and the city for a refund of his money for Mr. Soboroff's lack of follow through with the grass seed. Steve Mozena was successful with his small claim.

"Dr. Geek" rapping with Steve Mozena's Mom in Venice Beach.

Louie Anderson poses with Steve Mozena for a photo at an Awards Show.

With his neighbors' suggestions, Steve Mozena designed a flag for Venice Beach locals and tourists.

Actor Dennis Franz and Steve Mozena pose together for a photo at Emmy Awards. Steve Mozena has known Mr. Franz for more the six years. Several years ago, Steve Mozena gave Mr. Franz a personalized baseball cap with his name on it. One of Steve Mozena's signature items, the caps.

Pamela Anderson poses with radio personality Steve Mozena as she makes her rounds at a radio junket for the hit show Baywatch.

Steve Mozena wins second place in a cooking contest at the Los Angeles County Fair in the Summer of 2000. First time Contestant Steve Mozena wins out of 50 participants. Wow, we could have a mayor who cooks, too!

One of three volleyball nets Steve Mozena had installed in Venice Beach.

Steve Mozena was a member of the St. Mark's Catholic Church 5:30 p.m. Choir in Venice.

Did Dick Riordan endorse the wrong Steve for Mayor?

Steve Mozena created the personalized cap..."The Cap with Zap!"

Steve Mozena will clean up Long Beach Politics and the Local Media.
It is true. Steve Mozena did strategically advertise himself as an actor in front of all of the major Hollywood Studios. His business savvy had him complete a marketing survey of more than 150 casting directors to gain insight as to decision making process of casting directors. His creative advertisement was inspired by two of his four older brothers who had successfully used advertising to increase their business in the medical and legal professions.
Incredible but true. Steve Mozena actually had to buy $20.00's worth of gasoline and a gas can for the city because a city supervisor of maintenance said the city had no fuel for its tractor that the community needed to remove refuge, dirt and so forth. Steve Mozena said that  he would buy the fuel to accomplish the task at hand. He did and the job was completed.
Senator McCain in 1996 held a town meeting at a church in Mesa, AZ. Steve Mozena attended and posed a question about oil prices but first quipped "Is this what is termed as a separation of church and state?," gesturing to the crowd and church. The audience laughed.
Additionally, Steve Mozena became a morning radio personality in Phoenix, AZ. and the Senator and Steve Mozena attended several events together. In fact, Senator McCain wrote a letter of recommendation for Steve Mozena when Mr. Mozena lost his job at the station.
Moreover, Congressman J. D. Hayworth of AZ. was a TV personality and was coached by Steve Mozena in a local celebrity basketball game for a charity.
By the way, Steve Mozena has much straighter talk than the Senator.
Steve Mozena spearheaded the campaign and named "Miracle on Central Avenue" to get temporary Christmas decorations for the main thoroughfare in Phoenix, AZ. because the mayor of Phoenix had sold the decorations and was trying to bully the citizens into paying thousands of dollars right before Christmas or risk a year without ornaments along the avenue.
Steve Mozena had to call the city and ask it to pump the hundreds of gallons of water off the boardwalk because the poor sewer drain system on the boardwalk. The water hazard was removed for the locals and tourists at two different times because of Steve Mozena's calls. Now, the new boardwalk has been completed and a new sewer system installed. However, in the past ten years, locals remarked the city supervisors of maintenance had never removed any of the water hazards after any rainstorm.

Apparently, locals couldn't get the city to help them, so they had to solve the problem with the painted one-way and street sign posted on the telephone pole in the photo. Steve Mozena saw the temporary solution and solved the problem by calling the city's department of transportation (DOT) and had the city install a new street sign and one way sign.

In the same neighborhood, Steve Mozena had a stop sign installed at Speedway at Brooks Avenue. A resident asked him for a red painted curb on the adjacent Brooks Avenue. Steve Mozena called D.O.T. and had city paint it the same day.

Additionally, Steve Mozena has had the city install many road and recreational signs.

Moreover, Steve Mozena has even helped merchants obtain loading zone signs and painted curbs in West Los Angeles for their stores.

"I will
Long Beach
for YOU!"

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