Do you want more entertainment jobs and maybe even a movie studio here in Long Beach near the port, airport or North Long Beach?
STEVE MOZENA has been a member of the SAG/AFTRA Acting Union for more than 20 years.

Did you know STEVE MOZENA was a morning radio personality in Phoenix, AZ in the late 1980s?
STEVE MOZENA has attended numerous Hollywood parties, movie premieres and even the Academy Awards and Emmy Awards. He has met many of Hollywood's power elite as well A list actors and actresses.
In fact, at Elton's John's Annual Academy Awards party STEVE MOZENA met Sylvester Stallone and spoke to him while Stallone's wife was on the phone. A bodyguard was present at first, but then it was just STEVE and SLY. Stallone and STEVE exchanged small talk for about 30 minutes and Stallone said to STEVE, "You're an ambitious young man."  
With STEVE MOZENA's beautiful baritone voice, he said goodbye to Elton John as he left the party, and although Elton was with his entourage, he took the time to wave a hearty good-bye to Steve.
Similarly, STEVE MOZENA met the actor Ed Asner in 1990 in Portland, Oregon. The former SAG President, told STEVE MOZENA to never to give up on his acting and singing dreams. In fact, Ed and Steve exchanged a number of letters. STEVE MOZENA has passed on his love of the arts to his daughter Arista, who is in a school play this coming weekend at her school. During the holidays, STEVE and his Arista sang for a number of the Long Beach Nursing Home residents as "The Daddy and Daughter Duo." They sang duets such as "Jingle Bells."
Moreover, STEVE MOZENA had met DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg in 1990 at UCLA, and they subsequently exchanged letters a number of times. In fact, STEVE MOZENA attended the press conference of DreamWorks and congratulated Mr. Katzenberg.
Furthermore, at several parties, STEVE MOZENA met former CEOs of Warner Bros and Paramount Terry Semel and Sherry Lansing, who had their respective studios read three times STEVE’S script based on his true-life story as an out of work DJ who lives in a college sorority for a year. 
STEVE MOZENA has met many of the Hollywood power elite, including A-list stars such as Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pamela Anderson, Geena Davis and Ashley Judd. 
All Steve needs is the authority as Mayor of Long Beach and he will bring Hollywood movie productions and maybe even persuade the DreamWorks studio to move here.
These notables will now learn about the great city of Long Beach and the wonderful people, educated and talented people who live here.  

STEVE MOZENA will be a great advocate to bring entertainment jobs for residents of Long Beach and maybe even the Dreamworks Studio.

Vote STEVE MOZENA for Mayor of Long Beach on April 8, 2014 he's a businessman and a job creator!

"I will
Long Beach
for YOU!"

Steve Mozena, Committee to Support Mozena for Long Beach Mayor 2014
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