As Mayor, businessman STEVE MOZENA, the job creator, will bring more money and more jobs to Long Beach.
Here are 8 ways:
 1. Will show all the city's money daily on all the city websites, so city will spend our money more effectively without taxing us more. Starting with the mayor's office! Steve has been trying to get the government more transparent since 1999. Many letters from politicians at all levels say it’s a great idea but not one politician has had the guts to implement it. STEVE MOZENA even met with the state controller John Chiang, asking him just to implement post the finances for the state lottery so everyone could all see how the money gets spent on our kids. It's time to make the government honest and accountable to us. See and the TV news story there about his "Get Naked Banner" for fiscal transparency.
 2. Will create a Seadip Sports and Entertainment Stadium near 2nd and PCH so Long Beach can have a citizen-owned sports teams where Long Beach residents receive dividends, money, every year!
 3. Will remove the partial boulder breakwater for waves on our long beach, and bring water sport events like America's cup, hydrofoil races, windsurfing and surfing competitions! Clean up the water and bring desalination plants for more water for Long Beach residents.
 4. Will implement video-gaming education with virtual reality learning for S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education and Junior Achievement business program, in LBUSD K-12 to help students grow like plants into future entrepreneurs, business leaders and owners!
5. Will create a "Business Swat Team", with a team of business experts in marketing, finance, insurance, store-design, sales and so forth to help each and every Long Beach business make more money with their current businesses!
6. Will create a "Medical Manufacturing Corridor" by port, airport or North Long Beach to create high-paying jobs in the healthcare field! Funded in part with medical marijuana dispensary taxes.
7. Will bring casinos to the geodesic dome and adjacent area with the approximately six gaming licenses still available and make the Queen Mary like a docked Disney cruise ship. This will create more tourism dollars for Long Beach, bringing more conventions, for example, and a one-stop local entertainment area for Long Beach residents!
 8. Will create an outdoor weekly weekend arts and craft market for local artists along the beach to make money for artists rather than letting them starve near the beach. This will be like Portland, Oregon's every weekend “Saturday Arts and Craft Market”.
STEVE MOZENA knows how to make everyone more money with more businesses and more jobs.
If you want to be rich, richer, get a job, get a new job, get help with your business or start a new business, vote STEVE MOZENA, a businessman and job creator, for your next mayor of Long Beach.
Don't let politics be as usual, vote STEVE MOZENA.

"I will
Long Beach
for YOU!"

Steve Mozena, Committee to Support Mozena for Long Beach Mayor 2014
3935 E Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA 90804, (562)498-7100

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