Let's revive Long Beach's historic icon, the Queen Mary, and boost the revenue attracting potential of this tourist attraction!

The Queen Mary is an important piece of American history, and an important piece of my family history as well. My own mother, Mary Mozena, immigrated to the United States from Ireland via the Queen Mary in the 1940's. Many years ago I nicknamed her "Queen Mary", which I now use in tribute to her since her recent passing. She lived to be 90 years old.

Steve's Mother, Mary and his oldest sister, Rosaleen immigrated to the United States via the Queen Mary.

As a DJ in the late 80's, I led a campaign to promote visitors from Pheonix, Arizona with a live broadcast to come see Long Beach's historic ship. At that point, I fell in love with the city of Long Beach and knew that it was my destiny to live here.

Steve aboard the deck of the Queen Mary (left) and in his room (right) while in character as "Dr. Steve" for KLZI radio station in 1987.

I would like to see the Queen Mary and the surrounding area revitalized to make full use of its potential. Let's bring in some of the attractions and amenities that the Disney Cruise Line offers, such as pools, spas, buffets, game rooms, and even a water park and a casino, right on board the Queen Mary. As a docked cruise ship, the Queen Mary could become a one-stop destination for family fun, with potential to bring in more visitors to the area, and a major increase in revenue for the City of Long Beach.

The Queen Mary (left) and a Disney Cruise Ship (right)

Following the precedent set in Oregon, where the state coordinated a mutually beneficial land swap with the local Native American community, Long Beach could maximize its geodesic dome and adjacent land for a casino.

Why build a supersonic train from Southern California to Vegas to give all of our money to Nevada and its casinos? Keep the money and jobs here!

When the state of Oregon wanted to acquire land that was owned by the Chinook Winds Tribe, it implemented a land swap for a prime piece of beachfront in Lincoln City, Oregon. Since then, the area has housed a thriving casino that brings jobs and ancillary services to the local residents.

I have the tenacity to get these projects done! When I lived in Venice, California, I was instrumental in the beautification of the beach. I surprised everyone by persuading the Los Angeles City Council to embark on a long-overdue tree-trimming project. With the necessary funds, I arranged for 600 trees to be trimmed. I also enlisted the homeless to remove graffiti, had the city post new recreational road signs, remove debris, set up volleyball nets, repair potholes and sidewalks, fix fencing around storm drains, fix lampposts, and paint swing sets.

Beautification of Venice Beach, CA

If I am elected Mayor of Long Beach, I will work tirelessly to protect our environment and to beautify our amazing city.

"I will
Long Beach
for YOU!"

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