The Long Beach Silent Majority is about to speak with its votes for STEVE MOZENA as Long Beach's Next Mayor!

Where you see a vacant mayoral sign on lawns, know it's Long Beach Silent Majority voting for STEVE MOZENA for Long Beach's next mayor.

Our city isn't what is use to be. That's about to change for the better on April 8th.

Long Beach will be great again with STEVE MOZENA as Mayor of Long Beach.

The local media and power elite have tried to marginalize STEVE MOZENA.  They wont’ show STEVE MOZENA’s face or even write about his great ideas to help bring more jobs to Long Beach.  But STEVE MOZENA, who owns 3 businesses and grew up in a business family, knows how to fight back.

STEVE MOZENA put up his controversial "Get Naked Banner" and sought a variance with the city to allow him to leave it up through the election.

STEVE MOZENA negotiated with the local powers several times in order to be allowed to speak in forums, from the Long Beach Real Estate Council to the Latinos of MOLAA.

It won't be politics as usual when you elect STEVE MOZENA your next Mayor!

Your elected officials don't listen to you and don't take your calls.  They want their own agenda.

STEVE MOZENA knows how to provide you a better quality of life.

STEVE MOZENA knows how to help you reach your Long Beach and American Dreams.

STEVE MOZENA will post the finances starting with the Mayor’s office.

On April 8, 2014, The Long Beach Silent Majority will show the local media and local political powers that they're voting to elect STEVE MOZENA their next Mayor of Long Beach!

"I will
Long Beach
for YOU!"

Steve Mozena, Committee to Support Mozena for Long Beach Mayor 2014
3935 E Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA 90804, (562)498-7100

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