STEVE MOZENA, the businessman, the job creator is the only with the business experience to bring jobs to Long Beach.

There are career politicians, teachers, and lawyers and even a wealthy individual who was given a million dollars to start a business but cashed in his chips and doesn't know the day-to-day operation of running a business for 20 plus years.

Like the Earnhardts are a racing car family, the Sheens are an acting family, the Mozenas are a business family. STEVE MOZENA's Dad owned a Physicians and Hospital Supply Company, which at one time covered 10 states. STEVE MOZENA's mother founded the first bed and breakfast in Portland, Oregon, and named it Portland's White House because it looks like the real one. It still operates 30 years after she founded it. She sold it 1996 and the owner allowed the Mozena family to have her wake there in January 2014. His mother passed away at 90 years old. When STEVE MOZENA's father died, STEVE MOZENA sold his father's company in the early 1980s to a physicians’ medical laboratory, which gave Steve's mother the opportunity to live a good life for years to come. STEVE MOZENA then went to work for the number-one hospital supply company in Chicago, IL. Both parents of STEVE MOZENA were entrepreneurs and business owners.
STEVE MOZENA is an entrepreneur and has owned three successful businesses for more than 20 years. These include a small commercial real estate investment firm; a college textbook company that STEVE MOZENA manages day to day, and which has been helping CSULB faculty and students for 20 years; and a medical supply and equipment company, through which STEVE MOZENA has been able to help people, from seniors, to the sick, and even the Long Beach Fire Department for years.

STEVE MOZENA has lived and breathed business all his life, from helping both his parents with their companies at a young age, to being the top salesperson at his high school's candy drive as a high school junior and senior, as well as participating in the Junior Achievement business program. STEVE MOZENA has had entrepreneurial and business blood flowing through his veins since birth.
STEVE MOZENA knows how to help businesses and how to create jobs!

"I will
Long Beach
for YOU!"

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